Age Spots

What are age spots?

Hyperpigmentation is commonly known as age spots, liver spots, freckles or brown spots. They are darker areas of skin that appear with age over time. They are caused by ultraviolet exposure from the sun or artificial sources such as tanning beds. They are usually harmless, but before you use any cosmetic treatments to get rid of them it’s a good idea to see a dermatologist to make sure they aren’t something that needs to be treated medically.

What are the treatments for age spots?

There are a variety of possible treatments for age spots, everything from drugstore remedies to laser treatments:

  • Over-the-counter fade creams or bleaching treatments usually contain hydroquinone as the active ingredient. Soy, licorice, or kojic acid are common brightening agents. Our PCA Skin and SkinCeuticals product lines have several very effective pigment control products.
  • If the over the over-the-counter products don’t cut it, our medical providers can prescribe prescription-strength products which tend to be more effective.
  • Chemical peels can remove dull, damaged surface layers to increase the penetration and absorption of the active ingredients in both the professional treatments and daily care products to target and treat age spots.
  • IPL Fotofacial targets red and brown pigments with short bursts of very bright light.
  • Fraxel re:store dual wavelength laser treatments target both pigment problems while treating fine lines.

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